Skyrus Wallets

Skyrus Integrated Wallet

  • Used directly for Skyrus Exchange, and supported by other coins
  • Stores and encrypts wallet addresses

Skyrus Core Wallet

  • Used only for SKX and staking activities
  • Must have a copy of Skyrus Blockchain stored on your computer

Skyrus AI Bot

An automated self-learning crypto trading bot that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies within Skyrus Exchange. Trade using our technical indicators, or have it fully automated on our smart computer-assisted algorithm.

With Skyrus AI Bot, we do all the trading, you reap the profits.

Skyrus ATM

Like your ordinary ATM, Skyrus ATM is integrated to our Skyrus Exchange that allows for crypto users to quickly exchange and spend their invested cash in real time. You can also buy and sell between different cryptocurrencies, supported with fiat currency.

Say goodbye to long waiting process of depositing cash into an exchange.